About Wanfang Data Healthcare Department

Wanfang Data Healthcare Department is a section which draws up and implements the Company's development plan for medical business and takes responsibility for guiding, managing and coordinating the medical sales activities of branches and subsidiaries. Accumulating experiences of providing information over years, the Healthcare Department advocates the values of following medical developments and caring about national health, and provides such value-added services as professional medical information and academic promotion by subdividing industry fields, explores the intrinsic relationships medical information.

Basic Medicine (61 journals)
Clinical Medicine (109 journals)
Dermatology and Venereology (12 journals)
Gynecology and Obstetrics (12 journals)
Internal medicine (105 journals)
Journal of University (132 journals)
Medicine (General) (143 journals)
Neurology and Psychiatry (35 journals)
Oncology (34 journals)
Otorhinolaryngology (13 journals)
Pharmacy and materia medica (72 journals)
Preventive Medicine and Health Science (157 journals)
Special Medicine (27 journals)
Surgery (114 journals)
Traditional Chinese medicine (95 journals)

Selected Journals

Chinese Journal of Diabetes

The Chinese Journal of Diabetes (CJD) was established and sponsored in 1993 by the former Beijing Medical University...

About Wanfang Med Online

Wanfang Med Online (English version) is a window through which Wanfang Data introduces Chinese medical journals to the world and a convenient channel through which medical colleges and research institutes in different countries learn the developments of medical research in China...

Wanfang Med Online (Chinese)

The medical journals in China fully reflect the research developments and findings of various medical fields in China and serve as the best way for the world to learn about the state of arts in various medical fields in China...

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