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Introduction to Wanfang Med Online (Chinese version)

Adhering to Wanfang Data's philosophies of openness, cooperation, professionalism and expertise, Wanfang Med Online allied itself with authoritative medical institutes, editorial departments of medical journals and medical experts in China in order to integrate various kinds of information in a professional and effective way by means of advanced information technology, and to create a medical-information-integrating service platform which aims at following medical developments and caring about national health and serves hospitals, medical colleges, research institutes and medical instrument enterprises and medical personnel.

Wanfang Med Online exclusively possesses the full texts of more than 220 Chinese medical journals and over 1,000 Chinese medical journals, and abstracts of more than 4,100 foreign medical journals (full texts are delivered in the original format by E-mail and all core journals are accessible). The website is the only means by which doctors access the full electronic versions of top 115 medical journals of Chinese Medical Association and the various quality journals of Chinese Medical Doctor Association. The website is an essential and first-choice website in which domestic doctors consult medical literature. The website is a primary and new Internet platform on which pharmaceutical companies and hospitals display their own brands and carry out academic promotion.

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Introduction to Wanfang Med Online (Chinese version)

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