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Chinese Journal of Biomedical Engineering

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Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
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The mission of our journal: to be the bridge of the clinician, scientist and the industrial field, and to be the power of the development of biomedical engineering. The tenet of our journal: closely paying attention to and reporting the new theory, new means and new technology of biomedical engineering, tracking the newest applied achievement of biomedical engineering in clinic, serving vast clinicians, and promoting the developing of the subject of biomedical engineering. The feature of our journal: paying attention to the progress of science and technology, simultaneously, comprehensively weigh the relationship between the technology and one’s health in mind and body. Sincerely remember: the ultimate goal of the progress of science and technology is to make human get body, heart and soul harmonious and nice lives. Contents in columns:Editorial, Monograph, Treatise, New Technique and Clinic, New Technique and Research development, Biology Technology, Overview, Lecture of Special Subject. The course of our journal: Biomedical engineering is a rising and interdisciplinary studies, which is related to the domain of physics, chemistry, math, informatics, computer, engineering, cryobiology, molecular biology, basic medicine, clinical medicine, and so on. So it is quite necessary to create a sharing platform among the subjects of this domain and make scientists, clinician and the industrial field mutually communicate, cooperate together and share each other's research results. Since the publication, the journal sets up a bridge among the fundamental researchers of each academics of that realm, engineering technical personnel and the clinicians, and makes the research result of biomedical engineering’s realm fully embody its applied value. During the communion and study, clinicians also master many professional new information and new technology of interdisciplinary studies, and make use of it to the clinical practice, consequently push the development of biomedical engineering and clinical medicine. To make the journal a larger development space, it has joined Chinese Medical Association journals in the year 2007. The sponsor is Chinese Medical Association, and Guangzhou Medical College will continue to take charge of compilation and publishing work.

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