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China Medicine

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Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
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China Medicine , one of the serial journals of Chinese Medical Association, is supervised by the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China. It was established in January 2006 and is published on 8th of every month. The purposes of the journal are to popularize the clinical experiences, scientific research achievements and to strengthen the academic exchanges. It is intended for high and middle ranking medical staffs. The main columns of the journal include Clinical Usage of Medicine, Clinical Research, Basic Experiments, Adverse Effect of Drugs, Drug Evaluation, Case Reports, Reviews and Lectures Given by Specialist. China Medicine has been indexed by many databases, eg.China Core Journal(select) Database, China Journal of Full Text Database(CJFD disc) and Chines Journal of Full Text Database. Anzhen hospital is one of the three class A general hospitals, centering on the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, with abundant technique strength and specialist resource. The hospital has decorated four offices and equipped for the new-born magazine editorial board, as well as offered strong guarantee for the development of editorial board. This journal is of a monthly publication with 16 karat international standard, at price of 10.00 yuan(for inside the country), or 10.00 dollars(for outside China) per book. It’s open issued, Welcome to subscribe the magazine both in post office and in editorial department any time. The subscriber can get all volumes of 2006 as a complete preservation if any one has subscribed the present year magazine. Group order can get discount. The journal greets the scientific research essays coming from provincial, ministerial and national funds. Once passing the approval of the specialists, the articles will be published through green passage in 2 months. Welcome to submission. Please write according to GB7713-87 the format requirements of scientific and technological report, thesis and academic thesis if submitting. The article needs to be examined and verified by the major academic institution of the author. With the recommend letter. To bring convenience to the author, the periodical welcome email submitting. After he received the electronic receipt card, the author post recommend letter to us.

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