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Chinese Journal of Neuromedicine

Founded in:
Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
Indexed in:
ISTIC     PKU     CSCD    

Chinese Journal of Neuromedicine is one of the comprehensive professional medicine periodicals in the neural medical domain of China, covering the areas like neurosurgery, neurology, clinical neurophysiology, neuropathology, basic neuroscience and other subjects of neural medicine. Chinese Journal of Neuromedicine is intended for the reader of clinicians and researchers of the neural medicine field. We strictly stick to our goal of establishment, to “generally report new findings, technologies, theories and achievements of neural medicine at home and abroad, satisfying the scientific and technological workers, speeding up the development of neural medicine in China and promoting academic exchanges at home and abroad”. Through the efforts in recent years, this periodical has been included in domestic and overseas database and search institutions like Chemical Abstracts (CA) of America, Abstract Journal (AJ) of Russia, Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), Chinese Medical Citation Index (CMCI), Chinese Science Abstracts (CSAE), Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database (CAJCED), Source Journal of Chinese Science and Technology Paper Statistics (Chinese Sci-tech Core Periodicals), Chinese Core Journal (Selected) Database, Chinese Medical Current Contents (CMCC), China Journal Network, Chinese Academic Journal (CD) and Chinese Journal Full-Text Database (CJFD), etc. The name of this periodical was titled by the academician Wu Jieping. We have professional and skilled editors, who are authoritative experts of neural medical domain. We academically advocate “letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend”. The columns include Commentaries, Treatises, Monographs, Research Express, Experience Exchange, Technical Methods, International Advances, Reviews and Case Reports, etc.

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