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Chinese Journal of Health Management

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Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
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ISTIC     CSCD    

Chinese Journal of Health Management (CJHM) is published bimonthly by the Chinese Medical Association under the supervision of the China Association for Science and Technology. Established in October 2007, the journal is oriented toward not only the management of health services or administration in China but also other specialties of medical sciences at large. It is distributed at home and abroad. The science of health management is thought to be a growing inter-disciplinary, inter-professional discipline ranging from preventive medicine, clinical medicine, nutrition, sports medicine, traditional Chinese medicine to many others. It focuses on health maintenance and promotion, the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. With the development of China’s economy and the improvement of people's living standard,a platform is needed for the professionals to exchange their experience and research results in health management. The CJHM is intended to serve this purpose. One of the objectives of the CJHM is to popularize the knowledge of healthcare and health management as well as the principles and policies of governmental or non-governmental health services, with an emphasis on combination of theory and practice and of popularization and improvement. Efforts have been made to foster the academic exchange of experience in and research results of health management, attempting to improve the health management and construction of human resources. The CJHM keeps health management professionals up to date on issues, research and programs on management education, scientific research, medicine wherever they are at health examination centers, health management centers, community health services, rural cooperative medical institutions, health management companies, health management intermediaries and others. The main columns of the journal include Editorials, Expert Forum, Original Articles, Review Articles, Health Assessment and Control, Risk Management of Chronic Diseases, Preventive Treatment of Diseases, Health Management of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Community Health, Continuing Education, Lectures on Health Management Practice, Media Services, Correspondence, etc.

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