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Chinese Journal of Nautical Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine

Founded in:
Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
Indexed in:
ISTIC     CSCD    

The Chinese Journal of Nautical Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine , which started publication in 1994, is a 64-page bimonthly focusing on an science and technology in nautical medicine and hyperbaric medicine. It aims to propagate new information, new experience and new achievements in scientific research, as well as diseases prevention and treatment in the above two fields. It mainly covers the following fields: history of nautical medicine and hyperbaric medicine, nautical clinical medicine, diving medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, medical support for seafarer, epidemic prevention, nautical environmental medicine, nautical medical psychology, nautical manmachine- environment system engineering, medical education, and nursing, etc. Providing a good reference to those who are working in these two fields, the journal won the Excellent Scientific and Technological Publication Prize awarded by the China Association of Science Technology in 1996, and by the Chinese Medical Association in 1995 and in 2000. In addition, the journal is collected by many influential databases, such as the Chinese Academic Periodical Comprehensive Evaluation Database, Wanfang Database, and Chinese Medical Current Contents, etc., and has become a core journal related to this profession and a statistical source journal. Being the only professional journal in China concerning nautical and hyperbaric medicine, it takes the lead in its academic profession and has a large group of readers interested in nautical and hyperbaric medicine. It is firmly devoted to the promotion of domestic and foreign academic exchanges, the development of nautical and hyperbaric medicine and quality enhancement of professionals in this field, so that better services and greater contribution can be made to nautical medicine, hyperbaric operations and national economic construction as well.

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