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Chinese Journal of Perinatal Medicine

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Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
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The Chinese Journal of Perinatal Medicine , established in May 1998, focuses on publishing basic research, updated physiopathological theories, disease management, imaging techniques, and unresolved problems or controversies in the field of maternal and fetal medicine. Many different columns were set up in the journal including Original Articles, Reviews, Experimental Study, Lecture, Experiences, Case Reports, National and International News, Guidelines and Recommendations. In addition, a brief introduction to international and domestic relevant conferences and news is kindly provided. The aim of the journal is to promote scientific research, share advanced clinical experiences, spread new theories and technologies, accelerate the development of perinatology, improve perinatal healthcare, lower maternal and perinatal mortality, decrease the birth rate of invalid fetus, safeguard the health of women and children, and improve the quality of population. Thus, the published papers cover prenatal care, prenatal diagnosis, fetal monitoring, and obstetric and neonatal complications, etc. The impact factor of the journal kept increasing during the past 9 years.

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