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China Clinical Practical Medicine

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Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
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China Clinical Practical Medicine is supervised by Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China and is sponsored by the Chinese Medical Association. It is a national academic journal. The journal is entirely indexed in many databases including China’s Core Journals (Selected Database), CJFD(CD) and CJFD. The journal was founded in 2007 and then published monthly, on 25th every month. Its essential readers are the majority of clinical medical practitioners. Our policy: To abide by the national laws strictly, create the atmosphere of academic contending, scrupulously abide by the academic guidance based on technology, insist on the editing principles of quality supremacy, mixing of advanced technology and practical clinic reports. Our purposes: To strengthen the academic exchanges, reflect the scientific advances and progress, spread the research information of medical and health technology, popularize new theories, new methods, promote the coordinated development of both the medicine and the education. Make great efforts to be the platform for the medical practitioners to communicate and explore. Our features: Under the instruction of Chinese Medical Association, relie on our experts and technology resource and its rich experience on publication management as well as an excellent ability of operation. We have been establishing a skilled editing team with general medical knowledge. The editorial board is composed of famous experts and various academic leaders. The journal has been paying great attention to original and outstanding scientific paper from hospitals and institutes. The journal will dedicate to improving China healthcare quality and serving medical practitioners with the attitude of rigour, innouativeness, practicality. Main columns: Original Articles, Clinical Research, Exchange of Experiences, Case Reports, Reviews. China Clinical Practical Medicine , is distributed internally as well as externally. Your subscription from local post office will be appreciated. Alternatively, you may contact with us and purchase any issue(s) we have at your convenience with free delivery. Manuscripts through e-mail are welcome!

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