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Research progress in pH-responsive antibacterial nanomaterials for inhibiting oral plaque biofilms

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Chinese Journal of Stomatology
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牙菌斑;生物膜;纳米粒子;抗菌药;生物医学和牙科材料;pH响应;Dental plaque;Biofilms;Nanoparticles;Anti-bacterial agents;Biomedical and dental materials;pH-response

Abstract´╝Ü pH-responsive antibacterial nanomaterials are a new type of nanomaterials that can selectively undergo structural changes and trigger drug release according to significant pH differences produced by the body under physiological and pathological conditions. The formation of acidic microenvironment in plaque is the key to the pathogenicity of oral plaque biofilm, which also creates conditions for the oral application of pH-responsive antibacterial nanomaterials. pH-responsive antibacterial nanomaterials can respond to changes in pH of plaque microenvironment and accurately control the release of antibacterial drugs, providing a new direction for improving drug efficacy and targeted antibacterial. The present article reviews the classification, mechanism and application of pH-responsive antibacterial nanomaterials in oral plaque inhibition.

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