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Chinese Journal of Stomatology

Founded in:
Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
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Established in August 1953, Chinese Journal of Stomatology (Original Name:Chinese Journal of Stomatological Science )is designed for research, clinical and teaching workers in stomatological field,and aims to raise the levels of both theoretical and clinical stomatology and promote academic exchanges of stomatology internationally. This journal mainly contains the contents concerning basic medical research of stomatology worldwide, the new achievements and development in clinical stomatology, and clinical prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and frequently-encountered diseases in stomatological field, as well as new techniques and trends in stomatology. Since 2000, this journal has developed a new section of “Fast Channel for Manuscripts” and up to now there have been twenty-eight articles have been published. This journal has become a Kernel periodical which is abstracted or indexed in over 20 databases, including MEDLINE, Chemical Abstracts (CA), Abstracts Journal,the Database of Chinese Biological Periodical and some other index systems. The frequencies to cite literature from this journal has reached 1405. The impact factor for this Journal is 0.973. The proportion of the research articles supported by various financial foundations has reached 0.43. At present this journal’s impact factor and cited frequencies rank first among the same specialized domestic journals. Chinese Journal of Stomatology is an excellent periodical of China Association for Science and Technology and Chinese Medical Association. In 2001, China Government Office of Press and Publication approved this journal to be listed in the Square Matrix of Chinese Periodicals (Double- Effect Periodicals). In 2002 this journal was awarded with “Third Prize for Excellent Periodical” given by China Association for Science and Technology. From 2002 to 2007 this journal was awarded with “The 100 Outstanding Academic Journals of China” for six consecutive years. In 2006 and 2007,this journal has been awarded with “CAST Promotion Project for Elite Journals”.

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