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Metallurgic behavior and mechanical property of nickel-titanium endodontic files made by 3 heat treatment techniques

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Chinese Journal of Stomatology
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根管制备;相变;镍钛根管锉;弯曲性能;疲劳折断性能;Root canal preparation;Phase transition;Nickel-titanium file;Bending property;Cyclic fatigue

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To compare the phase transformation behavior,bending property and cyclic fatigue resistance of CM-wire,R-phase and M-wire nickel-titanium endodontic files treated by 3 heat treatment techniques.Methods Hyflex CM (25 mm,25#/0.06) made from CM wire,TF (25 mm,25#/0.06) made from R-phase heat treatment,ProTaper Next X2 (25 mm,tip size 25#/0.06) made from M-wire,Mtwo (25 mm,25#/0.06) and ProTaper F2 (25 mm,tip size 25#/0.08) made from conventional nickel-titanium wire were chosen.Five of each files were chosen for differential scanning calorimetric (DSC) evaluation (n=5).The specimens were prepared from adjacent portions of the shaft.The weight and length were typically (20± 1) mg and 2-3 mm.Another eight of the 5 nickel-titanium files were undergone cantilever-bending test,respectively (n=8).Further ten of the 5 instruments were submitted to the cyclic fatigue test by using a simulated metal root canal (n=10).The data of Ms,Mf,As,Af,△H,bending load,number of cyclic fatigue (NCF),fragment length were analyzed using one-way analysis of variance at a significance level of P<0.05.Results The Af of Hyflex CM [(60.27±0.94) ℃] and ProTaper Next [(51.40±0.32) ℃] were higher than body temperature of 37 ℃.The bending load values at 3.0 mm deflection of Hyflex CM [(0.867±0.074) N],TF [(1.275±0.146) N],Mtwo [(2.281±0.426) N],ProTaper Next [(3.104±0.252) N] and ProTaper [(4.227± 0.483) N] increased gradually and significantly.The NCF of Hyflex CM (582±99),TF (427±85),ProTaper Next (158 ± 22),Mtwo (129 ± 32) and ProTaper (65 ± 20) decreased gradually.Conclusions The 3 heat treatment techniques exert tremendous influence on the phase transformation behavior and mechanical characteristics of the files,which demonstrate improved bending property and cyclic fatigue resistance than the conventional ones.

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