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Status quo of frailty and its influential factors among the community-dwelling elderly

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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老年人;社区;衰弱;社会支持;年龄;Aged;Community;Frailty;Social support;Age

Abstract´╝Ü Objective:To investigate and analyze the status quo and influential factors of the elderly in the community.Methods:From July to September 2021, 543 elderly people were investigated in 9 community healthcare service centers in Hangzhou by using the Comprehensive Frailty Assessment Instrument (including four dimensions: physical, psychological, social, and environmental frailty) and the Social Support Rating Scale (including three dimensions: subjective support, objective support, and support availability). Independent sample t-test, analysis of variance, correlation analysis, and multiple linear regression were conducted to examine key determinants of frailty. Results:The total score of frailty among older adults in the community was (43.1±12.0). The results showed that the total score of social support was negatively associated with frailty of community-dwelling older adults ( r=-0.449, P<0.01); age ≥80 years old ( β=0.229, P<0.001) was positively associated with frailty; not living alone, children′s household support, children′s spiritual support, the accessibility of elderly care facilities within a 15-minute walk, and social support score were negatively associated with frailty ( β=-0.118, -0.081, -0.260, -0.155, -0.250,all P<0.05). Conclusion:The elderly in the community have a moderate degree of frailty, which affected by age, living condition, children′s support, the accessibility of elderly care facilities, and social support.

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