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Research on the development trend of global diabetes health management based on patent bibliometrics

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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专利计量;糖尿病健康管理;发展态势;Patent bibliometrics;Diabetes health management;Development trend

Abstract´╝Ü Objective:To analyze the development trend of global diabetes health management from the perspective of patent bibliometrics.Methods:Data from 4 804 global diabetes health management patents were retrieved from the Derwent Innovation patent database, and after data cleaning and merging of patent families, a total of 857 patents were used in Excel and big data analysis tool Derwent Data Analysis tool to analyze patent application trends and technology sources. Quantitative analysis of country and market layout, distribution and types of patent holders, technology research and development hotspots, visual display of quantitative analysis data using bubble charts, technical function matrices, and word cloud graphs and other methods were performed to compare the layout of domestic and foreign diabetes health management patent technologies, as well as status and development characteristics.Results:The filling of global diabetes health management patent application began in 1980, and the Chinese diabetes health management patent application began in 2003, showing a slow-growth trend. The United States had the most effective patents for diabetes health management, followed by China, South Korea, Switzerland, and Japan, with 153, 89, 50, 31, and 14 patents respectively. These five countries account for approximately 95% of effective patents. The main market areas for effective patents on global diabetes health management were the United States and China, followed by South Korea, the European Patent Office, Japan, and Canada. Approximately 98% of China′s patents were located in the country, and the proportion of companies in China′s patent applications was much lower than that of the United States, Japan, and Switzerland (49% vs 90% or more). The research and development hotspots of China′s and global diabetes health management patents were consistent with the various systems, including health management systems, diabetes management systems, blood sugar management systems, glucose monitoring systems, and health management equipment.Conclusions:The United States and China were the top two major technology sources and market distribution countries for diabetes health management patents; however, China′s patent application internationalization strategy has not yet been launched, and the degree of patent industrialization requires improvement. In the future, global diabetes health management patent research and development will continue to show a development trend dominated by information systems, equipment, and tools.

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