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Glucose levels influenced by type of staple foods in women with gestational diabetes mellitus

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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糖尿病,妊娠;营养疗法;血糖;Diabetes, gestational;Nutrition therapy;Blood glucose

Abstract´╝Ü Objective:This study aimed to investigate the influence of staple food type on glucose levels in women with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM).Methods:The drawing lots method was used for randomized grouping. The subject inclusion criteria were being a pregnant woman and diagnosed with GDM at 24-28 weeks gestation. Anyone with severe internal or external disease, previous abnormal glucose metabolism, smoking history, multiple pregnancies, or poor compliance was excluded. Twenty pregnant women were enrolled and were randomized to receive meals and snacks consisting of wholegrain flour products and tuber vegetables (control group) or wholegrain rice (intervention group) for 4 weeks. In the administration of the meals, energy supply, energy distribution, and nutrient level were matched between the two groups. A continuous glucose monitoring system was used for monitoring glucose level, and postprandial glycemia (incremental area under the curve) was measured after lunch and dinner.Results:A total of 17 women with GDM completed the study (8 in group A and 9 in group B). After the dietary intervention, the compliance rate of blood glucose in groups A and B was (89.20±6.06)% and (90.61±5.25)%, and glycated albumin was (12.46±0.84)% and (12.46±0.84)%, respectively ( P>0.05). Moreover, there were no significant differences in cesarean section rate or perinatal complications between the two groups. The incremental area under the curve of glucose within 2 hours after lunch [(137.3±84.4) vs(111.0±78.9)] and dinner [(137.0±87.7) vs (111.0±74.8)] were both significantly lower in the intervention group compared with the control group, which indicates a more stable postprandial glucose response to GDM with wholegrain rice. Conclusion:The intervention diet used in this study showed good glucose control for GDM pregnancies; a diet with wholegrain rice as the staple food led to more stable postprandial glucose response than a diet with wholegrain flour products and tuber vegetables as the staple food.

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