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Effect of club health education model on psychosomatic status of type 2 diabetes mellitus and anxiety

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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糖尿病;焦虑;健康教育;Diabetes mellitus;Anxiety;Health education

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To explore the effect of club health education on metabolic parameters and mental state in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and anxiety.Methods From January 1 to December 31, 2016, 60 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and anxiety who were admitted to the Beijing First Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine were divided into the intervention group(30 patients) and control group(30 patients).In the intervention group,a club health education model was used based on conventional diabetes treatment. The control group only received conventional diabetes treatment and routine education.After 12 weeks,fasting plasma glucose(FPG)levels,2-hour postprandial plasma glucose (2-h PG) levels, total cholesterol (TC), triglycerides (TGs), body mass index (BMI), Hamilton anxiety scale(HAMA)scores,and symptom checklist-90(SCL-90)scores were compared before and after the intervention. The main statistical methodology included the χ2test, t-test for independent samples, paired t-test, and nonparametric test.Results FPG levels,2-h PG levels,TC,TGs,and BMI in the intervention group after 12 weeks were (6.11 ± 0.94) mmol/L, (7.75 ± 1.96) mmol/L, (4.85 ± 0.87) mmol/L, (1.45 ± 0.26) mmol/L, and (27.13±3.38)kg/m2,respectively.These metabolic parameters before intervention were(7.42±1.18)mmol/L, (9.38±1.17)mmol/L,(5.58±1.48)mmol/L,(1.74±0.41)mmol/L,and(29.11±3.36)kg/m2,respectively.The differences were statistically significant(t=5.110,5.080,2.807,4.283,and 2.3387,respectively;P<0.05). Indicators were lower than in the control group, and the differences between the groups were statistically significant (all P< 0.05). Regarding mental and psychological status, after 12 weeks in the intervention group, the HAMA scores (14.24 ± 1.68) were lower than those before intervention (27.77 ± 1.24), and the difference was statistically significant(t=36.062,P=0.000).The scores were lower than in the control group after intervention(26.48±1.21),and the difference was statistically significant(t=-31.152,P=0.000).After intervention, the SCL-90 scores in the six dimensions, including symptom total score, somatization, compulsion,interpersonal relationships,depression,and anxiety and horror,decreased compared with those before intervention, and the differences were statistically significant (all P<0.05). After intervention, the differences between the intervention and control groups were statistically significant (P<0.05) in five dimensions, including symptom score, somatization, compulsion, depression, and anxiety and horror. Conclusion Based on the routine intervention for type 2 diabetes, a club health education model can significantly improve the metabolic index of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus complicated with anxiety. In addition,anxiety,interpersonal sensitivity,and other adverse mental states may be significantly alleviated.

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