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Effect of administrative intervention on smoking cessation of the medical personnel

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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干预性研究;医务人员;戒烟;Intervention studies;Medical staff;Smoking cessation

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To investigate the effect of the administrative intervention on smoking cessation of medical personnel and demonstrate the feasibility and the validity of this approach.Methods Two comparable hospitals were selected,one hospital with 136 smoking medical staff members was used as the intervention group;the other hospital which had 127 smoking medical staff members was used as the control group.We applied administrative intervention and health education to the intervention group and health education only to the control group.The intervention time was 10 months,we used the questionnaire survey before and after intervening to evaluate the smoking rate,the intention to quit smoking,the willingmess to accept the help of quitting and the proportion of those who quitted smoking.Results The smoking rate of intervention group (37.4%) was lower than that of control group (77.2%),the difference was statistically significant (x2=40.99,P<0.01).The proportion of control group smokers in planning(51.1%) is statistically significant as compared with intervention group (46.18%) (x2=46.18,P<0.01).The proportion of people who were willing to accept the help from families and friends and smoking cessation counseling in intervention group was significanly higher than that in the control group.(x2=10.04,x2=7.73,x2=7.58;P< 0.01).But the proportion of accepting the medicine for quitting smoking was not significantly different (x2=0.16,P>0.05).The proportion of smokers who wanted to quit smoking on their own willingness in control group was significantly higher than that in intervention group (x2=36.27,P<0.01).After10 months,61 people (46.6%) in the intervention group succeeded in quitting smoking and 13 (10.6%) people in control group succeeded (x2=28.21,P<0.01).Conclusion Administrative intervention has feasibility and validity when hospitals take activities for smoking cessation.

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