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Blood uric acid levels of routine health check-up receivers in Tianjin City

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尿酸;高尿酸血症;体格检查;Uric acid;Hyperuricemia;Physical examination

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To investigate blood uric acid levels in health check-up receivers in Tianjin City. Methods Blood uric acid levels in 28 661 health check-up participants were tested and the incidence of hyperuricaemia was analyzed. Blood pressure, body mass index, blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride were measured and compared. Results The average level of blood uric acid was (349±73 ) μ mol/L in male,and (256±59) μmol/L in female. The peak value in male was found in the 30 to 39 years old group,while in female the age was increased to 70 years old. The incidence of hyperuricaemia was higher in male ( 15. 2% vs 6. 3% ,P<0.01). The level of blood sugar,triglycerides and total cholesterol was higher in the hyperuricaemia group. Also in the hyperuricaemia group, the incidence of overweight/obesity,hyperglycaemia, hyperlipidemia and hypertension was higher. Conclusions The incidence of hyperuricaemia in routine health check-up individuals in Tianjin City could be 11.3%. Blood uric acid may be significantly associated with metabolism.

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