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Clinical efficacy observation on 23 cases of chronic wounds treated by hyperbaric oxygen combined with vacuum sealing drainage

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Chinese Journal of Nautical Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine
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高压氧;负压封闭引流术;慢性伤口;创面愈合;Hyperbaric oxygen;Vacuum sealing drainage;Chronic wounds;Wound healing

Abstract´╝Ü Objective:To observe the clinical efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen(HBO)combined with vacuum sealing drainage(VSD)on chronic wounds.Methods:A total of 49 patients with chronic wounds admitted to the Third Affiliated Hospital of Naval Medical University from January 2019 to December 2021 were selected and divided into control group( n=26)and experimental group( n=23)according to different wound treatment methods. The control group was given VSD after thorough debridement(negative pressure:350-400 mmHg);The experimental group was given HBO on the basis of the treatment in the control group. The wound area before and after treatment,the positive rate of bacterial culture,and the wound healing after treatment were observed and compared between the two groups. Results:After 24 days of treatment,the wound area of the experimental group[(9.1±3.5)cm 2]was significantly smaller than that of the control group[(14.5±3.9)cm 2],and the difference was statistically significant( χ2=4.116, P=0.041);the total effective rate of the experimental group(100.0%)was significantly higher than that of the control group(73.1%),and the difference was statistically significant( χ2=4.821, P=0.016). After 24 days of treatment,the positive rate of bacterial culture in the experimental group(4.3%)was significantly lower than that in the control group(38.5%),and the difference was statistically significant( χ2=8.158, P<0.01). Conclusion:HBO combined with VSD can effectively accelerate the healing of chronic wounds,which is significantly better than VSD alone,and thus it is worthy of clinical application.

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