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Study on inner ear mechanism of 6-gingerol for resisting motion sickness in rats

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Chinese Journal of Nautical Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine
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运动病;6-姜酚;内耳;水通道蛋白2;V2受体;瞬时感受器电位离子通道4;Motion sickness;6-Gingerol;Inner ear;Aquaporin 2;V2 receptor;Transient receptor potential ion channel 4

Abstract´╝Ü Objective:To explore inner ear mechanism of 6-gingerol,an active ingredient of ginger,for resisting motion sickness in rats.Methods:By stimulating SD rats with rotation,so as to induce conditioned anorexia to 0.15% saccharin solution,thus simulating motion sickness. Using qRT-PCR,western blotting,ELISA,and other related biological techniques to detect aquaporin 2(AQP2),plasma arginine vasopressin(AVP)V2 receptor(V2R),transient receptor potential ion channel 4(TRPV4)mRNA,and protein expression levels of the rats’ inner ears,and observe the impact of TRPV4 antagonist ruthenium red on the effect of 6-gingerol countering motion sickness.Results:After 6-gingerol inhibited the rotational stimulation,the expression levels of AQP2 mRNA and protein in the inner ear of rats were significantly increased( P<0.05),the TRPV4 mRNA and protein expression levels were significantly decreased( P<0.05),and the expression levels of V2R mRNA and protein were decreased( P<0.05). After using ruthenium red(5 mg/kg)alone,the reduction of drinking saccharin in rats was significant( P<0.01). The 6-gingerol combing with ruthenium red(5 mg/kg)could eliminate the inhibitory effect of 6-gingerol pretreatment on the reduction of saccharin drinking in rats after rotational stimulation( P<0.01). Conclusion:The mechanism of 6-gingerol for resisting motion sickness may be related to its impact on the transcriptions and expressions of V2R and TRPV4 in inner ear,and then on the AQP2 expression.

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