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The efifcacy of enteral ecological nutrition for the immune and damage repair in Rats

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China Clinical Practical Medicine
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肠内免疫生态营;Wistar大鼠;损伤修复;免疫功能;Enteral ccological immune nutrition;Wistar Rats;Injury repair;Immune function

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To evaluate the efficacy of enteral ecological nutrition for the immune and damage repair in rats. Methods 60 male Wistar rats of small intestine trauma model were divided in to four groups(A:control group;B:common nutrition group;C:immune nutrition group;D:ecological nutrition group) with each 15 rats.A group,the rates were given common feed;B group,rats were given common+the refined protein powder;C group,the rats were given common+Ruineng and D group,the rats were given common+Jinshuanqi. The weight of the rats in each group were measured and recorded every day.The rats were put to death after 1week feeds.And the status of small bowel of the rats was observed.The IgA,CD3+,CD4+and CD8+cell quantity of the small bowel mueosa were detected through immunohistochemical array. Results Under the optical microscope,the villus height in group C and group D rat s was high and densely populated (P<0.05);Group B,group C and group D intestinal mucosal villus height,gland crypt depth and mucosal thickness were significantly higher than that of control group (P<0.05);And group C and group D was significantly higher than that of group B (P<0.05).Control group rats weight gain rate is lower than the experimental group.the third day,two groups of rats weight difference was statistically significant (P<0.05);Group B,C and D group,all positive lymphocytes count more than group A,group C and group D positive cells significantly more than group A and group B,the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05). Conclusion Intestinal immune can strengthen ecological camp Wistar rat intestinal immune function,promote restoration of the damage.

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