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Acute hypervolemic hemodilution in uterine cervical cancer, a wide rangeResection of clinical observation

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血液稀释;子宫颈癌行子宫广泛切除术;血色素血球压积;Cervical cancer;Uterine blood dilution wide excision hemoglobin;Hematocrit

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To evaluate the preoperative acute hypervolemic hemodilution (AHH)for wide excision of uterine perioperative hemoglobin(HB),hematocrit (Het),and electrolyte changes.Methods 46 cases with pathologically diagnosed with cervical cancer biopsy,as object of study,preoperative 20 min start typing lactated ringer' s solution( 15 ml/kg,50 ml/min).In pre-dilution,AHH after( before skin incision),taking the end of surgery the contralateral basilic vein blood transfusion.Using the I-STAT blood gas analyzer,EC8 + reagent tablets determination of HB,Hct,Na,K,CL values.Results The diluted the end of surgery after dilution earlier Hb,Het difference was significant(P < 0.05 ).However,after the end of surgery compared with diluted no significant difference( P > 0.05 ).In addition to K in the hand and the electrolyte patients with pre-diluted and diluted there was significant difference between the outer ( P < 0.05 ),I was no significant difference between(P > 0.05).Conclusion Preoperative acute hypervolemic hemodilution in uterine cervical cancer,wide excision surgery can maintain HB,Hct in the normal range but had no effect on blood electrolyte concentration can avoid allogeneic blood transfusion led to blood-borne transmitted diseases,is an effective,easy way.

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