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抗心磷脂抗体;缺血性脑血管病;药物干预;Anticardolipin antibodies;Ischemic cerebrovascular diseases;Drugs intervention

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To investigate the correlations between anticardolipin antibodiesand ischemic cerebrovascular diseases, the effects of drugs intervention. Methods Selecting 119 diagnosed patients (male68 cases, female51 cases)of ischemie cerebrovascular diseases as experimental group randomly ,67 health adults as control group. Supplying experimental group with therapies of improving cerebral circulation, nourishing cerebral nerves and anticoagulation; detecting and comparing serum level of ACA, blood glucose, cholesterin, CRP, scores of ass, scores of NIHSS prior and pest treatment, only detecting ACA in control group. Results The serum level of ACA in experimental group prior treatment was higher than that of control group obviously (P < 0.05). The serum levelof ACA, scores of sss and scores of NIHSS in experimental group post treatment were decreased sig-nificantly compared prior treatment(P < 0.05). Conclusion Anticardolipin antibodies related closely to occur-ring, developing,recurring of ischemic cerebrovascnlar diseases and drugs intervention of ischemic corebrovascu-lar diseases. Anticardolipin antibodies could act as index turnover of pathogenetic condition, also as referring in-dices of preservation and intervention in the high-risk group of ischemic cerebrovascular diseases in early stage.

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