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Clinical value of F-V curve interpretation in individuals with normal FEV 1 and FVC

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Chinese Journal of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases
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最大呼气流量-容积曲线;肺功能检查;睡眠呼吸暂停,阻塞性;早期诊断;Flow-volume curve;Pulmonary function test;Sleep apnea, obstructive;Early diagnosis

Abstract´╝Ü Objective:To analyze the correlation between the Flow-Volume(F-V) curve interpretation and diseases when the patient′s forced expiratory volume in one second(FEV 1) and forced vital capacity (FVC)were within the normal range. Methods:In January 2021,the pulmonary function test (PFT) reports of 650 subjects who performed pulmonary function tests using a standard equipment(Master Screen IOS, Jaeger crop, German) were collected in the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University. A total of 363 subjects with normal FEV 1 and FVC were selected for retrospective analysis, including 254 cases with standard F-V curve(standard group), 95 cases with “small plateau sign” F-V curve(plateau group)and 14 cases with “sawtooth sign” F-V curve(sawtooth group).The basic information, clinical information and pulmonary function test results of these subjects were collected. Multiple logistic regression analysis was conducted to determine the correlation between the abnormal F-V curves and diseases. Results:The patients in the sawtooth group were significantly heavier and had a higher BMI than those in the standard and the plateau groups(76±32, 66±11, 65±10, P=0.004; 27.5±9.9, 24.1±3.2, 23.9±2.7, P=0.003). Compared with the standard group, upper gastrointestinal disease ( OR=2.673, P<0.001) and throat disease ( OR=4.738, P=0.008) were positively correlated to the plateau group. Sleep apnea syndrome, OSAHS ( OR=26.111, P<0.001) and throat disease ( OR=45.754, P<0.001) were positively correlated to the sawtooth group. Conclusions:In patients with normal FEV 1 and FVC, the presence of “small plateau sign” F-V curve could be associated with upper gastrointestinal disease and throat disease, while the presence of “sawtooth sign” F-V curve could be associated with sleep apnea syndrome, OSAHS and throat diseases. Combining the F-V curve and parameters of pulmonary ventilation function to interpret pulmonary function is beneficial to population health screening.

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