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Multi-slice spiral CT lymphangiography features of diffuse lymphangiomatosis

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Chinese Journal of Radiology
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淋巴管瘤;淋巴管造影术;体层摄影术,X线计算机;Lymphangioma;Lymphangiography;Tomography,X-ray computed

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To investigate MSCT lymphangiography features of diffuse lymphangiomatosis.Methods MSCT images of 32 patients with diffuse lymphangiomatosis confirmed with clinical comprehensive diagnosis,surgery and pathology were retrospectively reviewed.Thoracic and abdominal MSCT examinations were performed after direct lymphangiography in all patients.Among them,13 patients underwent enhanced MSCT examination.The site and extent of the lesions were recorded,and the ratio of descriptive statistics was used according to categorical variable data.Results MSCT lymphangiography showed various degree of abnormal lymphatic vessels in all 32 patients:Obstructed thoracic duct was seen in 15 cases(46.9%),obstructed right lymphatic vessel in 3 cases(9.4%),unilateral (bilateral) cervical lymphatic stem reflux in 5 cases(15.6%),unilateral(bilateral) bronchial-mediastinal lymphatic stem reflux in 4 cases(12.5%).Lumbar trunk and iliac lymphatic vessel were dilated on the lymphangiography side in 32 cases(100.0%),while 28 cases(87.5%) reflux to contralateral lumbar trunk and iliac lymphatic vessel,reflux to bilateral renal sinus in 2 cases(6.2%),the contrast materials leak into unilateral(bilateral) thoracic cavity in 9 cases(28.1%),abdominal cavity in 6 cases(18.8%) and intestinal cavity in 2 cases(6.2%).The contrast materials were found in bone in 8 cases(25.0%),mediastinum in 5 cases (15.6%),pericardium in 3 cases(9.4%),spatium intermusculare in 3 cases(9.4%),pathological fractures were found in 5 cases(15.6%).Conventional MSCT images showed different locations,multiple and various sizes cystic lesions.Conclusion MSCT lymphangiography can display the features of diffuse lymphangiomatosis.Thus,it provides an important basis for diagnosis and differential diagnosis of diffuse lymphangiomatosis.

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