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Diagnostic value of 16-slice spiral computed tomography in detecting lesions in parenchymatous organs of the digestive system

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World Chinese Journal of Digestology
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16层螺旋CT;诊断;肝脏病变;胰腺病变;脾脏病变;16-slice spiral CT;Diagnosis;Liver disease;Pancreatic lesions;Splenic lesions

Abstract´╝Ü AIM To assess the diagnostic value of 16-slice spiral computed tomography (CT) in detecting lesions in parenchymal organs of the digestive system.METHODS One hundred and five patients with liver lesions,111 patients with pancreatic disease,and 84 patients with splenic lesions treated at our hospital from January 2012 to January 2017 were enrolled in this study.All patients underwent 16-slice spiral CT examinations.Patients with liver or splenic lesions underwent both plain and contrast-enhanced CT examinations,and patients with pancreatic disease underwent perfusion scans.The CT features of different lesions were analyzed.RESULTS Liver and spleen lesions were multiple or single and showed low density on plain CT,and the boundaries could be blurred or clear.On contrast-enhanced CT,the lesions may be enhanced or not.Qb and Vb in pancreatic cancer patients were significantly lower than those in normal controls (P < 0.05),while tmt and Kps were significantly higher than those in normal controls (P < 0.05).Qb,Vb,and Kps differed significantly between patients with pancreatitis and normal controls (P < 0.05),while tmt showed no significant difference.Qb,Vb,and tmt differed significantly between patients with pancreatic cancer and those with pancreatitis (P < 0.05).CONCLUSION 16-slice spiral CT has high diagnostic value for hepatic,pancreatic,and splenic lesions.

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