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Chinese Journal of Organ Transplantation

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Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
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Chinese Journal of Organ Transplantation , a medical academic periodical, sponsored by Chinese Medical Association(CMA) and is undertaken by Wuhan branch of CMA, is one of the CMA journals. Advocated and supported by Professors WU Jie-ping, QIU Fa-zu, XIE Yu-jin, DONG Fang-zhong, and XIA Sui-sheng, etc., this journal was established in Oct.1980. The aim of the Chinese Journal of Organ Transplantation is to reflect the progress of experimental and clinical studies in the fields of domestic organ transplantation and the related sciences. The journal will be directed at researchers, teachers and clinicians in transplantation, and reports the advanced research achievements and the experiences in diagnosis and treatment of clinical transplantation, as well as the results of basic theoretical studies which are closely associated with the clinical practice of organ transplantation. The journal implements the public healthy policies of the Chinese Party and government and also the policies of theory in combination with practice, as well as popularization in combination with advance. The purpose is to reflect the great progress in experimental and clinical studies of organ transplantation in China, and to promote the academic communication in the field of transplantation between China and the world. The main columns include: Commentary, Experimental Study on Organ Transplantation, Clinical Study on Organ Transplantation, Transplant Immunology, Organ Preservation, Artificial Organs, Discussion of Clinical Cases or Pathology, Special Argumentation, Forum Summary, Conference Summary, Academic Policiescommunication, Novel Progress in Transplantation, Reviews and Academic Development. Approved by the relational departments of chinese government, the Chinese Journal of Organ Transplantation is accepted as one of the core periodicals in Chinese science and technology, national surgery and biological sciences, and is the source periodical of Chinese Scientific Citation Database and the Database of Comprehensive Evaluation of Chinese Academic Periodicals. The full text of the journal has been indexed by China Periodical Net, China Academic Periodical (Compact Disc Version), and the China Info. It has also been indexed or abstracted by Anerican Chemical Abstracts (CA) since Jul.2006 and by Western Pacific Region Index Medicus (WPRIM) since Jun.2008.

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