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Chinese Journal of Aerospace Medicine

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Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
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Chinese Journal Of Aerospace Medicine(CJAM), founded as the Chinese Journal of Aviation Medicine in 1990, is sponsored by Chinese Medical Association (CMA), published quarterly in Chinese or English by the Press of Chinese Journal of Aerospace Medicine . This journal, representing the members of Chinese Society of Aerospace Medicine under the CMA and its component organizations, is published for those interested in aerospace medicine. It is devoted to serving and supporting all who explore, travel, work, or live in hazardous environments of aerospace. The journal’s columns include Original Articles, Clinical Research, Review Articles, Aeromedical Practice, Case Reports, News and Notes, etc. The articles in this journal provide the latest available information on investigations into such areas as aviation medicine, space medicine, history of aerospace medicine, aerospace physiology, aerospace neurophysiology/vision, fatigue/circadian rhythms, acceleration/escape/ impact, aerospace human factors, flight safety/accident investigation, performance/psychology/ psychophysiology, air medical transport, medical standards/aircrew health, health promotion and wellness programs, hyperbaric medicine, and other related areas. Each original scientific article in this journal has a bilingual title, abstract with keywords, and captions of figures and tables, in Chinese and English. If the author is a foreigner, it is the editor's pleasure to translate the necessary structures of article into Chinese.

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