Risk factors related to acute post-stroke pneumonia

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HAO Jun-jie(Department of Neurology, East Hospital, School of Medicine, Tongji University, Shanghai 200120, China)
ZHENG Tian-heng()
GAO Jian()
WANG Shao-shi()
Journal Title:
Chinese Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases
Volume 05, Issue 04, 2012
Key Word:
Stroke; Pneumonia; Risk factors

Abstract: Objective To explore the independent risk factors related to acute post-stroke pneumonia.Methods A total of 545 inpatients with acute stroke in Shanghai First People's Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University and East Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University during July 1,2009 to June 30,2011 were enrolled.Single-factor analysis was performed to identify the risk factors of acute post-stroke pneumonia. According to the results of single-factor analysis and relevant professional knowledge,fitting multi-factor non-conditional Logistic regression model,adjusting the relevant confounded factors,the independent risk factors were analyzed.Results The incidence of acute post-stroke pneumonia was 11.0% (60/545).The independent risk factors of acute post-stroke pneumonia were:age ≥ 80 year ( OR =6.024,95% CI:1.923 - 18.868,P =0.002 ),hemorrhagic stroke ( OR =3.546,95% CI:1.266 -9.901,P =0.016),stay in bed ( OR =4.295,95% CI:1.642 - 11.233,P =0.003 ),baseline Glasgow coma scale ≤8 ( OR =5.127,95% CI:1.377 - 19.090,P =0.015 ),baseline Barthel index <50 ( OR =8.403,95% CI:1.468 -47.619,P =0.017 ),malnutrition ( OR =10.625,95% CI:3.260 -34.631,P =0.000 ),baseline fasting plasma glucose ≥ 7.0 mmol/L ( OR =10.000,95% CI:3.115 -32.258,P =0.000); and early rehabilitation was the protective factor (OR =0.159,95% CI:0.055 -0.466,P =0.001 ).Conclusions The incidence of acute post-stroke pneumonia is high,and it is relatedwith many independent risk factors.Comprehensive interventions may contribute to early identify and prevent acute post-stroke pneumonia.

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