Status and control policy of main chronic disease in community health management base in China

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BAO Yong(School of Public Health, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai 200025, China)
SUN Wei(School of Public Health, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai 200025, China)
Journal Title:
Chinese Journal of Health Management
Volume 06, Issue 05, 2012
Key Word:
Hypertension;Diabetes mellitus;Community

Abstract: Objective To analysis the current conditions of the main chronic disease,satisfaction,reactive and trust,then to make the control policy in community health management base in China.Method Using the questionnaire by oneself,which the contents include prevalence,understand rate,management rate,behavior correct rate,control rate,medicine obey and satisfaction,reactive and trust of 2009 the chronic disease in 2009.Results The total investigate people was 1 189 456.The hypertension prevalence is 8.01%,the diabetes prevalence is 4.41%.To compare with Shanghai and Jilin in 6 aspects,the prevalence,understand rate,management rate,control rate,medicine obey rate is higher in Shanghai.But behavior correct rate is lower in Jilin.Survey of hypertension prevalence rate was decreased,awareness,management,rates,rates of behavior modification,medication compliance rates and control rates of growth from 2009 to 2010.Satisfaction,responsiveness and trust indicators investigated a total of 2268 people,the process of service satisfaction to 93.43%,93.78% overall satisfaction; to have the privacy of reactivity to 94.41% of the basic amenities and clean comfortable response of the 90.45% ; of treatment services for the 92.59%confidence,the confidence of the cost for the 93.98% of the overall trust in institutions is 92.76%.Conclusions The government must take main principle in chronic disease control.We must enhance base construct of community health management and increase management level of chronic disease.We must enhance practitioner's culture ang increase knowledge of chronic disease management.

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