Preparation and initial identification of monoclonal antibody of anti-vibrio fluvialis

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FU Kai-fei(Clinical Laboratory, Navy General Hospital, Beijing 100048, China)
MA Cong(Clinical Laboratory, Navy General Hospital, Beijing 100048, China)
GUO Jian-wei(Clinical Laboratory, Navy General Hospital, Beijing 100048, China)
HAO Xiu-hong(Clinical Laboratory, Navy General Hospital, Beijing 100048, China)
Journal Title:
Chinese Journal of Nautical Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine
Volume 19, Issue 04, 2012
Key Word:
Vibrio fluvialis;Monoclonal antibody;ELISA

Abstract: Objective To prepare high-performance and specific monoclonal antibody of vibrio fluvialis,and to provide a technical platform for the development of a rapid ELISA kit.Methods BALB/c mice (8 weeks) were immunized with inactivated vibrio fluvialis,and hybridoma cell strains of anti-vibrio fluvialis were prepared with cell-fusion technology.Chromatosomes of hybridoma cells were identified with Giemsa staining,and the potency and cross-reactivity of anti-vibrio fluvialis as well as other important marine bacteria were screened and identified with ELISA.Results Four strains of hybridoma (named as 01H10,02F12,05F3 and 03G10 ) were obtained,all having the features of hybridoma cell chromatosomes,and with good specificity and immunorcactivity.The hybridoma also had favourable specificity and immunoreactivity.Conclusions Specific antibodies of anti-vibriofluvialis prepared and screened in the study would be useful for the development of the rapid detection kit of vibrio fluvialis.

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