The diagnostic value research of colposcope in cervical lesions

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LIAO Mei-ying(MaoMing maternity and Child care hospitals, Guangdong 525000, China)
HUANG Yue(MaoMing maternity and Child care hospitals, Guangdong 525000, China)
MAI Jin-chun(MaoMing maternity and Child care hospitals, Guangdong 525000, China)
Journal Title:
Volume 04, Issue 12, 2010
10.3760/cma.j.issn 1673-8799.2010.12.56
Key Word:
Colposcopy;Cervical Lesions;Diagnosis

Abstract: Objective To research the value of colposcopy examination for all kinds of cervical lesions. Methods Analyze the results of 3,258 cases of patients, who have taken the colposcopy examination in our hospital from Jan, 2005 to Jun, 2008. Results Among the 3,258 cases colposcopy examination, there were 458 cases with the abnormal colposcope and having the needle biopsy through the colposcopy,including 137 cases of low degree lesion by the pathological diagnosis, 84 cases of high degree lesion(CIN2~ CIN3) , 18 cases of cervical invasive carcinoma, 79 cases of chronic inflammation, and 150 cases of cervical benign tumor. Conclusion The colposcope picture has higher coincidence rate in the colposcope xgc and the histopathology diagnosis, and is important in finding the cervical cancer, cervical precancerous lesion, human papillomavirus infection and complicated precancerous lesion in the early stage.

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