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Research progress on the interaction between myopia and visual cortex

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Chinese Journal of Ocular Fundus Diseases
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近视;视皮质;功能连接;功能磁共振;血氧水平依赖;综述;Myopia;Visual cortex;Functional connection;Functional magnetic resonance;Blood oxygen level dependent;Review

Abstract´╝Ü Myopia is a major problem of public health in China, and even in the world, and slowing down the progress of myopia has become a hot issue of concern. However, the effects of the current therapeutic and interventional modalities to myopia, including optical lenses, chemical drugs, and laser surgery, the effect of treatment and intervention is not very satisfactory, and these modalities may incur some side effects. This situation suggests that the pathogenic and regulatory mechanisms of myopia remain elusive, and the myopia treatments lack the accurate and effective targets to the etiology. A complete visual experience depends on the entire visual pathway from the retina to the visual cortex, in which any structural and functional defect can lead to visual abnormalities. In recent years, with the advances in the infrared spectroscopy and the magnetic resonance imaging technology, more and more evidence has shown that the progression of myopia is related to the visual cortex. Improving the functional connectivity and blood prefusion between different regions of the visual cortex may impede myopia profession. In-depth understanding of the interaction between myopia and the visual cortex is helpful to search for accurate and effective myopia treatment targets and novel intervention strategies.

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