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Advances in research on myopic traction maculopathy

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Chinese Journal of Ocular Fundus Diseases
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综述;近视,退行性;体层摄影术,光学相干;近视牵引性黄斑病变;Review;Myopia, degenerative;Tomography, optical coherence;Myopic traction maculopathy

Abstract´╝Ü High myopia is a disease with a high incidence rate and an increasing trend, which could lead to irreversible visual impairment worldwide. Myopia traction maculopathy (MTM), belonging to one of the pathological changes of high myopia, could cause vision damage and even blindness in patients. Recently, a new classification of MTM based on optical coherence tomography can effectively evaluate the condition of patients and is helpful for the diagnosis and treatment of MTM. Moreover, the improvement of internal limiting membrane peeling method and the innovation of macular buckle material provide new ideas for the treatment of MTM based on traditional surgery. New treatment such as vitreal traction release laser surgery, enzymatic vitreolysis and posterior scleral crosslinking have gained increasing attention. By combining these new treatments with artificial intelligence, 3D printing technology and advanced vitrectomy equipment, it is hoped that a safer and more effective treatment for MTM will be found in the future.

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