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Optical coherence tomography imaging features of peripheral retinal abnormalities in high myopia

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Chinese Journal of Ocular Fundus Diseases
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近视,退行性;视网膜劈裂症;视网膜穿孔;体层摄影术,光学相干;Myopia, degenerative;Retinoschisis;Retinal perforations;Tomography, optical coherence

Abstract´╝Ü Objective:To observe the imaging features of optical coherence tomography (OCT) in peripheral retinal abnormalities of high myopia (HM).Methods:A retrospective series of case studies were conducted. From March 2019 to March 2021, 38 cases (50 eyes) in high myopia with peripheral retinal abnormalities who were confirmed to Henan Eye Hospital were enrolled in the study. There were 21 eyes in 17 males and 29 eyes in 21 females, age was 39.58±15.29 years, diopter was (-9.10±2.44) D. All patients underwent wide-angle fundus photography and OCT examination. According to wide-angle fundus photography and OCT, HM with peripheral retinal abnormalities were classified into white-without-pressure, black-without-pressure, lattice degeneration, peripheral pigmented degeneration, retinoschisis and retinal holes. OCT imaging features of peripheral abnormalities in high myopia was observed.Results:In 50 eyes, 65 peripheral retinal abnormalities were observed by OCT. In 6 white-without-pressure, intense hyperreflectivity was shown at the level of the ellipsoid zone that abruptly transitions to relative hyporeflectivity at the dark border of the lesion. In 16 black-without-pressure, reflectivity of the ellipsoid zone decreased. In 10 sites of lattice degeneration, cystoid degeneration, local thinning, retinal tear at the posterior edge and boundary of the lesion was shown, whcih may be accompanied by local vitreous condensation and traction. In 4 peripheral pigmented degeneration, retinal interlayer hyperreflectivity was shown. In 12 retinoschisis, neuroepith-elial separation was connected by vertical bridge or columnar light bands, of which 3 were accompanied with localized retinal detachment and 2 with splitting-related retinal vascular abnormalities. In 17 retinal holes, full layer of neuroepithelium lost, that 12 zones were accompanied with retinal detachment with vitreous adhesion or traction.Conclusion:OCT manifestations of peripheral retinal abnormalities in HM varies.

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