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Autofluorescence manifestation in related lesions of peripheral retinopathy

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视网膜色素类/诊断应用;脂褐素/分析;显微镜检查,共焦/方法;图像处理,计算机辅助;色素上皮,眼/代谢;Retinal pigments/diagnostic use;Lipofuscin/analysis;Microscopy,confocal/methods;Image processing,computer-assisted;Pigment epithelium of eye/metabolism

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To observe the autofluorescence (AF) manifestation in related lesions of periphery retinopathy. Methods Sixty eyes of 42 patients with periphery retinopathy underwent the examination of Optomap fundus photograph (200°) and fundus fluorescein angiography (FFA). The HRA Ⅱ melanin-related near-infrared fundus autofluorescence (NIA, excitation 795 nm) and lipofuscin-related fundus autofluorescence (FAF, excitation 488 nm) were measured for all the patients. The AF was recorded with nine images per second, and then a final AF image with 55° view and 822 × 768 pixel was generated by the HRA. AF images can be valuable or valueless if there was or was not visible blood vessels and related retinal tissues on the image. AF from lesion regions can be normal or abnormal fluorescence comparing to the normal vascular and retinal tissue AF. The abnormal fluorescence was divided into no AF, weak AF and strong AF relative to the background grayscale. The grading consistency of abnormal fluorescence based on FAF and NIA examination was comparatively analyzed. Results Valuable AF images were captured in 53/60 eyes (88. 33%)and valueless AF images were captured in 7/60 eyes (11.67%). Among 53 eyes with valuable AF image, NIA showed normal fluorescence in 28 eyes (52. 83%), abnormal fluorescence with sheet-like, dot-shaped or stripped in 25 eyes (47.17%); FAF showed normal fluorescence in two eyes (3.77 % ), abnormal fluorescence with sheet-like, scattered along vessels or pigments in 51 eyes (96.23 % ).Twenty-five eyes with abnormal fluorescence were observed both in two examinations, including same grades in 18 eye (72.00%) and different grades in seven eyes (28.00%). Conclusion The AF manifestation with different levels exists in related lesions of periphery retinopathy.

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