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Influencing factors of inconsistency between γ-interferon release test QFT-GIT and tuberculosis etiological test results

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Chinese Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases
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γ-干扰素释放试验;结核;结果不一致;影响因素;Interferon gamma release assay;Tuberculosis;Inconsistent results;Influencing factors

Abstract´╝Ü Objective:To evaluate the influencing factors of inconsistency between γ-interferon release test QFT-GIT and etiological results in tuberculosis patients.Methods:The clinical data of 1 398 patients with positive Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection confirmed by pathogen culture after QFT-GIT test who were admitted to Hangzhou Chest Hospital Affiliated to Zhejiang University School of Medicine from September 2017 to August 2021 were retrospectively analyzed. There were 1 242 cases in whom both the pathogenic culture and QFT-GIT results were positive(consistent result group) and 156 cases in whom the QFT-GIT test results were negative or indeterminate(inconsistent result group). Logistic regression was used to analyze the influencing factors of inconsistent results between QFT-GIT and tuberculosis pathogenic tests. SPSS 25.0 software was used to analyze the data. Results:The overall incidence of inconsistency between QFT-GIT and tuberculosis etiological results was 11.16% (156/1 398). The incidence of inconsistency was 0, 7.09% (63/889) and 19.58% (93/475) in patients aged <18, 18-<65 and ≥65 years old, respectively; the incidence of inconsistency in age group ≥65 was higher than that in age groups <18 and 18-<65 ( χ2=6.584 and 36.762, P<0.01). Multivariate Logistic regression analysis showed that age ( OR=1.026, 95% CI 1.016-1.037), smoking ( OR=1.649, 95% CI 1.159-2.347), chronic liver disease ( OR=1.868, 95% CI 1.213-2.876), cardiovascular disease ( OR=2.353, 95% CI 1.361-4.069) and blood albumin level ( OR=0.956, 95% CI 0.928-0.985) were independent influencing factors for the inconsistency between the results of QFT-GIT and tuberculosis etiology. Conclusion:Patients with advanced age, smoking, chronic liver disease, cardiovascular disease and low albumin level are more likely to have inconsistent results between QFT-GIT and tuberculosis etiological tests.

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