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Research progress in the pathogenesis mechanism of dental fluorosis

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Chinese Journal of Stomatology
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氟化物;氟牙症;成釉细胞;氧化应激;内质网应激;基因多态性;Fluorides;Dental fluorosis;Ameloblasts;Oxidative stress;Endoplasmic reticulum stress;Genetic polymorphism

Abstract´╝Ü Dental fluorosis is a developmental disturbance of dental enamel caused by excessive fluoride intake during tooth development, leading to the changes in morphology, structure and function of tooth enamel, which can affect the aesthetics and function of teeth. There are many factors which may account for the occurrence of dental fluorosis. However, the pathogenesis mechanism underlying dental fluorosis has not been fully clarified.In recent years, researches in the fields of fluoride-induced stress response pathways, signaling pathways and apoptosis at the molecular and genetic level had provided extensive knowledge of dental fluorosis. This article focuses on the latest research progress in the mechanism of dental fluorosis, which include the effects of fluoride on ameloblasts and enamel matrix proteins, genetic polymorphism and dietary nutrients, in order to provide new references for the targeted prevention and treatment of dental fluorosis.

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