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Comparison of the intraradicular bacterial community structures of teeth with or without post-treatment periapical periodontitis

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Chinese Journal of Stomatology
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根尖周炎;高通量核苷酸测序;生物膜;Periapical periodontitis;High-throughput nucleotide sequencing;Biofilms

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To compare the intraradicular bacterial community structures of teeth with or without post-treatment periapical periodontitis and to explore the suspicious microorganisms that is related to persistent periapical infection.Methods The intraradicular biofilm samples were collected from 10 post-treatment periapical periodontitis teeth(apical periodontitis group) and 10 teeth without post-treatment periapical periodontitis(without apical periodontitis group).The V 1-V3 hypervariable regions of bacterial 16S rRNA genes were amplified,and the high-throughput pyrosequencing was performed.The composition and structure characteristic of intraradicular microbiome were revealed by bioinformatic analysis.Results Total sequences were taxonomically classified into 132 species-level bacteria belonging to 96 genera and 21 phyla.The most representive phyla in apical periodontitis group were Firmicutes[32% (18 534/58 688)],Proteobacteria[27%(15 626/58 688)],Actinobacteria[15% (8 685/58 688)],Bacteroidetes [11% (6163/58 688)],Fusobacteria[8% (4761/58688)] and Spirochaetes[3%(1 785/58 688)].While the most representive phyla in without apical periodontitis group were Firmicutes[31%(16 941/55 480)],Proteobacteria [27%(14 748/55 480)],Bacteroidetes [18%(9 948/55 480)],Fusobacteria[10%(5 307/55 480)],Actinobacteria [9%(4 761/55 480)],Chloroflexi[3%(1 785/55 480)].The abundance of actinobacteria in apical periodontitis group was significantly higher than without apical periodontitis group(P<0.01).The detection rates of actinomycetes in apical periodontitis group and without apical periodontitis group were 100% and 50%.Conclusions The diversity of intraradicular bacterial community in teeth with apical periodontitis was higher than those without apical periodontitis.Actinomycetes may be related to post-treatment periapical periodontitis.

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