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Influence of different NaCl concentration on passive behavior of Cr alloy in vitro

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铬合金;氯化钠;半导体;唾液;Chromium alloys;Sodium chloride;Semiconductors;Saliva

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To investigate the properties of passive film of three Cr alloys and to analyze their corrosion resistance in the artificial saliva with different NaCl mass fraction in vitro.Methods Artificial saliva with 1%,2% and 3% NaCl mass fraction was prepared.Cobalt-chromium alloy.nickelchromium alloy and Ti-Ni-Cr alloy were employed as the working electrode in the artificial saliva.Semiconductor properties of passive film on Cr alloy was analyzed by Mott-Schottky plots.In addition,the factors which affect the semi-conductive compact characteristic of the passive film was also discussed.Results The passive film exhibits n-type semi-conductive characters.With the increasing of NaCl mass fraction,the carrier density of the Cr alloys also increased.The carrier density of the cobalt-chromium alloy.nickelchromium alloy and Ti-Ni-Cr alloy are 3.71×10~8,2.34×10~9,and 7.66×10~9/cm~3 respectively.This decreases its donor density and its film stability.Conclusions When exposed to saliva environment with high concentration of chlorine ion,corrosion resistance of the three types of cr alloys decrease.This will reduce the service life of Cr alloy prosthesis.

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