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Current situation of health checkup and the management willingness of post-test abnormal values among residents of mega communities

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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体格检查;健康管理;异常值;超大社区;回归分析;Physical examination;Health management;Abnormal values;Mega communities;Logistic regression

Abstract´╝Ü Objective:To investigate the current status of health checkups and the management willingness of post-test abnormal values in residents of mega communities, and to explore the factors affecting the demand for health management of abnormal values after examination.Methods:A cross-sectional study. The residents of Huaguoyuan Community in Guiyang City were enrolled as the objects of this surveywith stratified systematic sampling method and questionnaire survey. The binary logistic regression was used to analyze the influencing factors of health management demand for abnormal values after examination.Results:There were 404 residents participating in this survey, and 182 cases were male (45.05%) and 222 cases were female (54.95%); the mean age was (39.64±15.03) years. There were 179 (44.31%) urban residents and 225 (55.69%) rural residents. There were 162 (40.10%) floating population and 242 (59.90%) non-floating population. Of the residents, 34.2% participated in the physical examination independently due to physical reasons. The age ( χ 2=16.227), household registration ( χ 2=16.117) and occupation ( χ 2=36.454) had statistically significant differences in residents′ participation in physical examination; the household registration ( χ 2=18.726, P<0.001) and occupation ( χ 2=18.094, P=0.034) had significant differences in the handling methods of abnormal values of physical examination. The age ( OR=7.00, P=0.032) and income ( OR=0.33, P=0.047) were the influencing factors of health management needs of abnormal values after health checkup. Conclusion:The awareness of active physical examination of residents in mega community is weak, and it is recommended to strengthen health education and health promotion; residents have a high willingness to the management of abnormal values after health checkup, it can be an important supplement to improve the service quality of physical examination related institutions.

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