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Visual analysis of research status and hotspots of transitional nursing for adolescents with chronic diseases in foreign countries

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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过渡期护理;青少年;慢性病;研究热点;可视化分析;科学知识图谱;Transitional Care;Adolescent;Chronic disease;Research hotspots;Visual analysis;Mapping knowledge domains

Abstract´╝Ü Objective:To analyze the foreign research status and hotspots of transitional care for adolescents with chronic diseases.Methods:On December 31, 2021, Web of Science TM was searched for articles concerning transitional care for adolescents with chronic disease published between 2000 and 2021. Knowledge maps were used to analyze the included articles in terms of number, distribution of prolific authors and institutions, journals, research hotspots, frontiers and trends. Results:A total of 692 articles were included, the number of articles was increased from 2000 to 2021, with the largest in 2021 (76 articles). The most prolific country was the United States (358 articles). University of Toronto, University of North Carolina, Children′s Hospital of Philadelphia and Harvard University were the most prolific institution with high centrality (>0.1). Journals such as Pediatrics, J Adolescent Health, and J Pediatr Nurs published the largest number of articles, and Arch Pediat Adol Med had a total citation frequency>100 and high centrality (>0.1). In addition to the subject terms used in the search process of this study, the high-frequency keywords (>50 times) were “health care” “service” “health care transition” “quality of life” “experience” “need” “outcome” “transition readiness” and “adherence”. In keywords cluster analysis, the cluster whose time line extended to the recent two years were “quality of life” “program” “transition clinic” “adolescent health services” and “adherence”. Conclusions:In the field of transitional care for adolescents with chronic disease, studies mainly focus on patient needs, transitional experience, adherence, self-management, quality of life, etc. The research frontiers are transitional health management, disease care, construction and implementation of health care service program for adolescents with chronic disease.

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