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Research status and evolution of health management in China from 2011 to 2020

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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健康管理;研究热点;发展趋势;聚类分析;CiteSpace;Health management;Research hotspots;Research trend;Cluster analysis;CiteSpace

Abstract: Objective:To analyze research status and development trends in the field of health management in China from 2011 to 2020.Methods:“CNKI” was chosen as the data source, and “health management(precise)” was used as the search term, and a total of 13, 686 valid data were finally obtained. Frequency counts were used to tabulate the number of articles published in the field of health management from 2011 to 2020. CiteSpace software was used to analyze the cooperation of institutions, and to explore the research hotspots and development trends in the field of health management by institutions co-occurrence, keyword co-occurrence and clustering timeline map. Bicomb software and SPSS 26.0 software were used for multi-dimensional scale analysis of keywords to comprehensively reflect the core degree and maturity of research topics.Results:The amount of domestic health management research literature had shown an increasing trend from 2011 (804) to 2020 (2 044). The top 5 keywords in terms of frequency were “hypertension(611)” “diabetes(577)” “health education(485)” “community(460)” and “chronic diseases(457)”. “Elderly” “Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM health management)” and “Health management model” were the hot keywords and research trends of health management. There were 7 themes in the field of health management, namely “Construction and application of chronic diseases health management model” “Community health service and health management” “Health management in essential public health service” “Health management of the elderly” “Health management of Traditional Chinese Medicine” “Health examination and health management organization” “Health management based on big data and modern information technology”.Conclusions:A relatively close network of cooperation has been formed in the field of health management research and the number of articles has increased. The elderly, chronic disease and Traditional Chinese Medicine health management are the research trend. The construction and implementation of health management models, the integration of artificial intelligence and health management are the development trends in this field.

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