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Quality evaluation of bronchial asthma health information in Chinese internet

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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哮喘;信息服务;质量评价;计算机通信网络;Asthma;Information Services;Quality evaluation;Computer Communication Networks

Abstract: Objective:To evaluate the quality of information about bronchial asthma in Chinese Internet Site.Methods:According to the traffic ranking of Alexa website, three Chinese keywords of “bronchial asthma”, “asthma” and “asthma treatment” were searched in two most common Chinese search engines: Baidu and Sohu, and the information quality was evaluated by DISCERN tool. The completeness and accuracy of the information were evaluated according to the “2019 Global Strategy For Asthma Management And Prevention”.Results:A total of 25 websites were obtained. The DISCERN evaluation showed that none of the evaluations had an average score of more than 3.40 points. More than 50% of the information on the websites was incomplete or incorrect, and 4% of the websites contained incorrect information. The website content scores were graded, and the grading results were: excellent 12%, good 40%, fair 36%, poor 12%. The website was evaluated according to the attributes of the owner. Professional websites had better accuracy and comprehensive websites had better comprehensiveness. Pearson correlation analysis showed that the content score was positively correlated with the reliability score, detail score, and total score in DISCERN score ( r=0.58, 0.63, 0.61, all P<0.001). Conclusion:The quality of asthma information on Chinese Internet Site is generally poor.

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