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Changes of cerebrovascular hemodynamic accumulative scores in health checkup population and their influencing factors

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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脑卒中;血流动力学;危险因素;Stroke;Hemodynamics;Risk factors

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To investigate the changes of cerebrovascular hemodynamic accumulative score in health checkup population and their influencing factors.Methods A total of 1 840 people aged 23-88 years were checked by CVHI and accumulative scores were calculated.The general information,blood biochemistry,highly sensitive C-reaction protein (hs-CRP),homocysteine (Hcy),carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) and brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity (baPWV) were also collected during the corresponding period.Results The proportion of abnormal CVHI accumulative score (<75 points) was increasing with age.Compared with the normal CVHI accumulative score (≥75 points) group,the proportion of hypertensive disease,diabetes and stroke family history was significantly higher in the abnormal group (P< 0.05).In addition,the levels of age,body mass index (BMI),waist circumference (WC),systolic blood pressure (SBP),diastolic blood pressure (DBP),triglyceride (TG),low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C),fasting plasma glucose (FPG),hs-CRP,Hcy,CIMT and baPWV were also significantly increased in the abnormal group (P<0.05).Correlation analysis showed a negative correlation between CVHI accumulative score and age,history of hypertension,diabetes,BMI,WC,SBP,DBP,LDL-C,TG,FPG,hs-CRP,Hcy,baPWV (P< 0.05),but a positive correlation with HDL-C (P<0.05).Multiple factor analysis determined that age [OR(95%C1):1.017(1.002-1.033)],history of hypertension [OR(95%CI):1.510(1.096-2.081)],BMI [OR(95%CI):1.235(1.135-1.344)],SBP [OR(95%CI):1.044(1.030-1.059)],LDL-C [OR(95%CI):1.673(1.444-1.937)],TG [OR(95%CI):1.116(1.035-1.204)],hs-CRP [OR(95%CI):1.037(1.003-1.073)],Hcy [OR(95%CI):1.099(1.062-1.136)],baPWV [OR(95%CI):1.001(1.000-1.002)] were being selected into the regression model (P<0.05),and they were independent influencing factors of decreased CVHI accumulative scores.Conelusion The decreased CVHI accumulative score has a significant relationship with exposure levels of risk factors in stroke.Therefore,we conclude that the detection of CVHI is a convenient and feasible method to screen high risk individuals for stroke in middle and old aged population undergoing medical examination.

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