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Relationship between serum uric acid and dietary patterns in Tianjin residents

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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高尿酸血症;尿酸;膳食模式;Hyperuricemia;Uric acid;Dietary patterns

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To investigate the relationships between different dietary patterns and serum uric acid in Tianjin residents. Method By cross-sectional study design, 11282 subjects were studied via lifestyle questionnaires (including a valid food frequency questionnaire), physical examination and laboratory tests. Using factor analysis method to establish the dietary patterns, and relationships between different dietary patterns and serum uric acid were analyzed. Results Factor analysis showed 3 kinds of dietary patterns, including eastern dietary pattern, vegetable diets and Tianjin dietary pattern. There were more males in hyperuricemic population, who have a higher BMI, waist circumference, blood lipids, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and also higher proportion of metabolic syndrome, smokers and alcohol drinkers. In addition, hyperuricemia patients had a higher level of social status and income. After adjustments for age, sex, BMI, smoking habits, alcohol consumption, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, education level, occupational status, energy intake, physical activity and metabolic syndrome, logistic regression analysis showed the odds ratio (95%confidence interval) for hyperuricemia across the quartiles of 3 dietary patterns as follows: 1.00, 1.07 (0.91, 1.25), 0.96 (0.82, 1.14), 1.12 (0.94, 1.33);1.00, 1.03 (0.88, 1.21), 1.04 (0.88, 1.23), 1.00 (0.84, 1.19); 1.00, 1.28 (1.08, 1.52), 1.40 (1.22, 1.71), 1.37 (1.15, 1.63), respectively. Significantly positive correlation was shown between Tianjin dietary pattern and hyperuricemia. Conclusion Tianjin residents' Tianjin dietary pattern is closely related to serum uric acid levels. Tianjin dietary patterns have characteristics of high calorie, high fat, high protein. Healthy eating habits have significant importance to prevent occurrence of hyperuricemia.

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