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Surveys on prevalence of adult cigarette smoking in Zhejiang province in 2013

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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Abstract: Objective To understand the status of tobacco epidemic among adults in Zhejiang province in 2013.Methods A total of 2 779 residents aged 15-69 years from 15 counties were selected using stratified multi-stage cluster sampling method and surveyed by face to face interview to complete questionnaire.Results The current smoking prevalence was 25.62% among the adults 15-69 years old in Zhejiang province,50.88% among males and 0.78% among females.The daily smoking prevalence was 21.85%;40.56% of the current daily smokers smoked within 30 minutes after waking;95.19% of current smokers were not willing to quit;64.04% of all respondents reported someone smoked in their own homes;67.48% smokers thought they would continue to smoke even if the price of tobacco rises;21.09% of all respondents saw tobacco AD at shops and on TV;42.00% of people were aware that smoking could cause stroke,heart attack and lung cancer;89.69% smokers still believed that low-tar cigarettes were less harmful than regular cigarettes;73.92% of people agreed with completely no-smoking in public places.Conclusions Male smoking prevalence in Zhejiang remains at a high level,coupled with low rate of quitting,second hand smoke exposure remains a serious issue in household,low awareness of the harms of smoking for people,suggesting that the task of controlling smoking needs to be strengthened.

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