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Evaluation of the effects of intervention on employees' health risk factors in a security corporation in Beijing

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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慢性病;危险因素;健康促进;工作场所;Chronic disease;Risk factors;Health promotion;Workplace

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To evaluate whether an intervention with a health promotion program can reduce prevalence of the health risk factors of non-communicable chronic diseases (NCD) and improve the knowledge awareness of NCD prevention of employees from a security corporation in Beijing selected by the study team. Methods A cross-sectional study was conducted by selecting 157 employees of a security corporation in Beijing, and a quasi-experiment method and a self-developed Questionnaire of Intervention for Health Risk Factors were used. Based on the results of the distribution of risk factors for NCD and the focus-group discussion, one year health promotion program intervention was performed. According to the comparison of prevalence of risk factors between baselines and after intervention of the studied employees, the intervention effectiveness was evaluated. Results After the health intervention, rate of reported unhealthy diet reduced from 75.0%to 56.8%, which showed statistically significant (?2=8.53, P<0.05);rate of reported less physical activity reduced from 35.5%to 17.4%, with statistical significance (?2=19.60, P<0.05);rate of reported cigarette smoking reduced from 16.8%to 11.6%with statistically significance. There was no statistically significant reduction in the rate of the other health risk factors (P>0.05). The median value of health knowledge awareness of the studied employees was significantly improved from 10.20 to 11.33(S=-2 545, P<0.05) and awareness of recommended daily intake of dietary salt increased significantly from 46.20%to 67.09%after intervention (χ2=17.85, P<0.05). Conclusion The non-communicable chronic diseases intervention program can reduce the health risk factors and improve health knowledge awareness of the studied population.

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