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Relationship between lung function and bone mineral density in nonsmoking healthy women

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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呼吸功能试验;骨密度;吸烟;骨质疏松;Respiratory function tests;Bone density;Smoking;Osteoporosis

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To explore the relationship between lung function and bone mineral density (BMD) in nonsmoking women. Method The healthy women who came to our hospital for physical examination from June 2013 to March 2014 were chosen. Totally 508 cases, average age 49.33±8.66 years , were included through the questionnaire and further examination. The lumbar BMD was measured with dual energy X-ray absorption, the subjects were divided into normal bone mass group, osteopenia group, and osteoporosis group according to the diagnostic criteria of WHO. Through questionnaires, the human body composition analyzer, pulmonary function test apparatus were used to acquire their general information, body mass index (BMI) and pulmonary ventilation function. The data were compared by analysis of variance, Pearson correlation analysis and multiple linear stepwise regression analysis were applied to explore the relationship among the pulmonary ventilation function and bone mineral density of lumbar spine and lumbar bone area (BA). Result BMI, forced vital capacity rate of one second (FEV1/FVC) were not significantly different among the three groups (F values were 0.192, 0.296;All P>0.05);the other indicators of pulmonary function including forced vital capacity (FVC),FVC percent predicted (FVC%), forced expiratory volume in first second(FEV1), FEV1 percent predicted(FEV1%),peak expiratory flow rate(PEF)decreased markedly in osteoporosis group compared with normal group and osteopenia group (F=15.313, 5.508, 18.890, 5.440, 6.763;all P<0.05). The lumbar spine BMD and lumbar BA declined significantly in osteoporosis group and&nbsp;osteopenia group comparing with normal group(F=169.053, 205.660, 224.567, 201.086, 276.927, 3.550;all P<0.05). Pearson correlation analysis showed that FVC, FVC%, FEV1, FEV1%, PEF were negatively correlated with age (all P<0.01);FVC, FVC%were negatively correlated with BMI (all P<0.05) , FEV1/FVC was positively correlated with BMI P<0.05);FVC was positively correlated with lumbar BMD and lumbar BA (P<0.01). FEV1 were positively correlated with lumbar BMD and lumbar BA(all P<0.01). Multiple regression showed that age, BMI, and lumbar BA were correlated with FVC, FVC%, FEV1, FEV1/FVC(All P<0.01). Conclusion In healthy nonsmoking women, age, BMI, and lumbar BA are the main influencing factors of pulmonary function;except for FEV1/FVC, the other indicators of pulmonary function decreased markedly in osteoporosis group.

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