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Effects of health management on high-risk diabetic populations

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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危险因素;健康管理;糖尿病高危人群;Risk factors;Health management;Diabetic high-risk populations

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To assess the effects of health management on high-risk diabetic populations.Methods A total of 307 diabetic high-risk adults from 6 communities of Tianjin were recruited by using diabetes risk screening technology.Three-month intensive health management and nine-month follow-up were conducted in this participants.Paired t test for continuous variables and paired contingency table x2 test were used for data analysis.Results Energy intake (1989.8 vs.1766.4 kcal,t =6.84,P <0.05),effective exercises (120.4 vs.157.5 kcal,t =-5.00,P < 0.05),body weight (73.0 vs.71.5 kg,t =6.92,P <0.05),systolic blood pressure (130.4 vs.124.6 mm Hg (1 mm Hg =0.133 kPa),t =8.36,P <0.05),diastolic blood pressure (81.8 vs.78.4 mm Hg,t =7.40,P < 0.05),serum total cholesterol (5.21 vs.5.08 mmol/L,t =2.73,P < 0.05),fasting plasma glucose (6.4 vs.5.8 mmol/L,t =16.37,P < 0.05)and 2 h postprandial blood glucose (7.7 vs.6.9 mmol/L,t =9.67,P < 0.05) were significantly improved after the intervention.Conclusions Community-based health management may provide an effective way to prevent and control the risk factors of diabetes.

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